• What Women Want... Magazine (2006)

    With 6 proud years in a tough market What Women Want... Magazine has established itself as one of the leading english speaking women's magazines in Egypt.

  • What Women Want... Summer Special (2007)

    What Women Want…Summer Special was a brand extension to What Women Want…Magazine that covered 5000 weekly issues distributed for free in Marina during the four peak season weekends. A fun light read along with various gifts and freebies.

  • Cairo in Your Pocket (2009)

    Cairo in your Pocket is an annual pocket guide that was launched in cooperation with the Daily News Egypt. 40.000 copies are distributed for free at Hotels, Airport and prominent gastronomy outlets all over Cairo. It serves as a practical pocket guide to get around Cairo easily covering the hotspots in town.

  • The Travel Mag (2010)

    The Travel Mag, is the only travel magazine in Egypt. Launched in 2010 it has established a wide readership and aims to be the source of information when it comes to traveling, cultures and adventure inside and outside Egypt.