Desert Pharaohs

Desert Pharaohs Adham Mostafa Team Owner & Driver

Media and More built and handled our website, all I can say is that I wish all companies have the same work ethics like this small company with giant people working in it.


Dreem Hussein Kabil Marketing Manager-Consumer Sector

Dreem Mashreq had the honor of working with Media & More on one of the biggest projects in the history of Dreem: a full packaging revamp of of the brand. We trusted M&M and put our confidence in them although it was our first time working with them. Results were pretty impressive according to our consumers as our sales volume and mkt shares increased remarkably. We even had cheap brands imitating our new artwork.

Mountain View

Mountain View Tamer El-Sharaky Marketing Manager

We are very pleased to work with Media & More since they are very committed to their responsibilities and exceeding our expectations in achieving our goals, simply to say “ Media & More is fully dedicated and always up to date…


Mars Mai El-Kinawi Regional Corporate Affairs Manager

When I think Media & More, I think: vibrant colors, intuitive design, in-depth understanding of the brief, and great people to work with!

Dina Cantina

Dina Cantina Dina Founder of

Media & More built my website for me seven years ago and it still looks contemporary, fresh and up-to-date. I have been working with Rania Zahra since day one, and would highly recommend Media & More. When I sat and explained to her for days my vision of what the website would be. It was complex and difficult but she took the time to understand my new business and developed a stunning website that projected the right image for me. The feedback and response is proof of all the effort that went in. The website looks extremely professional. Media & More offered good technical support when needed. Media & More will always be my first choice!

IWAN Group

IWAN Group Marwa Amr Marketing Manager

Thank you for the great job you all did in our second project together which is IWAN’s official website. We are thrilled with your work and definatly the results. After a successful experience in aiding us with your management in our Corporate Sohour 2009, we never hesitated requesting working with your company in our digital and media requirements.We at Iwan are very happy at how you translated our thoughts to how we wanted the website and made it all work. All of you showed professionalism from the time that you presented the designs until completion of the project. Your company is such an excellent example of an organized, well managed business. As we now have two new running projects with your company, we can safely say that you are one of our favorite agencies.We are really looking forward to more business together.

My Gym Egypt

My Gym Egypt Ismail Atef Managing Director

While launching our new concept and brands in Egypt we knew that social media would be the secret to our success. Naturally that meant that we had to find a media partner that can execute on our vision and add to it through their own experience. Working with Media and More on the development of our social media platforms has proved to be one of our most successful engagements to date, one that we are very happy to share and recommend to people. The digital media team led by Rania Zahra is one of the most talented and professional teams around and they treat our business as their own. Their dedication, professionalism and talent are traits that elevate them above all in an industry already over crowded with providers.

Dany Eid

Dany Eid Dany Eid Owner of

Media & More did an amazing job launching my website and I wholeheartedly recommend them. A creative team full of cutting-edge talent, dedication, passion for web design & development. Their attention to detail & their patience to give you THE RESULTS you want is exceptional!

Swiss Choice

Swiss Choice Shady Mokhtar Managing Director

It has been over a year now, and when you look at the mutual portfolio you can't see it was business, no, It's a long-standing cooperation based on the outmost dedication and commitment of the Media and More team. It's an experience that brought a success story, a pioneer model of cooperation that can only be surpassed by itself ..


Nestle Heba Afifi

Creative ,resourceful & efficient. This is what best describes Media & More. The working relationship with Nestle which has evolved over a few years is now strong & healthy because of the many successful projects that have been completed across various brands. To name but a few, Nestle’s consumer website development, a mammoth project indeed, or the production of insightful and engaging videos for social media in Nido & Nesquik. All of which are projects that have yielded rapid fan acquisition, high engagement rates and significant increase in brand appeal. Looking forward to more great work in the future.